Monday, October 24, 2011

Chicken Sadistic (Ayam Sadis) from Palu

It seemed to no end, which tells the story of Palu in Central Sulawesi. On the way to Palu this time I introduced a friend to Chicken Sadistic. Type of chicken is it? Why so-called chicken sadistic? And as we know it is identical with sadistic cruel inhuman alias. A natural name was also chicken. Certainly not humane because the chicken was not a human. Just real people who have nothing to lose their humanity. You know why so until here the discussion. Ok, back on the track please...
Heemm... If anyone wants to know about chickens sadistic I mean, it's easy to see. Whether you are visiting to Palu in Central Sulawesi. Precisely to Jl. Chairil Anwar  No.16 Palu telephone 0451-42 16 56 42 near the Sports Arena. There you will find the “Taman GOR” . So what's the chicken with the park. Yes of course totally unrelated. “Taman GOR”  here is not the park for exercise, but the restaurant. This place is quite comfortable, air-conditioned and smoke free. Here we can eat while ngadem” or cooling our body. Chicken sadistic presence here. It's not you imagine what kind of chicken sadistic ? Well here's what I mean chicken sadistic.
Sadistic chicken roasted chicken then added with Chile a lot. Its very mild. Because a lot of Chile to cling to, in addition to mild spicy taste is really a very expressed. Perhaps we wept without permission. Well, because it's spicy extreme sadistic the people of Palu  called him chicken sadistic. The prices of chickens sadistic are Rp 17000-apiece. When he was about to finish, we will be treated with a small bowl of spicy chicken broth, which is quite hot. This soup is served hot, as it is used for pain after eating spicy chicken sadistic. It was warm and fresh. For those of you who do not like chicken, do not worry because the “Taman GOR” restaurant also offers grilled carp and milkfish sadistic sadistically burn without thorns. Curious? Please visit to Palu..


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